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Raw Axe - Raw Axe



Raw Axe debuts on Bonzai Elemental with wonderfully chilled three tracker entitled Raw Axe. This one features a couple of collabs with Not Dead Yet and Melanie Houston, and each artist brings forth a unique signature that gives the tracks a brilliant dynamic characteristic.

Raw Axe & Not Dead Yet - Romantic Wannabe intros with a ballad-esque sound that catches your intrigue, drawing you in with its sultry sounds. Rich guitar licks are accompanied with warm pads and subtle synth melodies. The sound evolves beautifully to the backdrop of a downtempo break beat drum arrangement and a smooth, warm bassline. The perfect fodder for those lazy evening watching the sun go down.

Raw Axe & Not Dead Yet - Start The Dance sets off with a cool indie vibe that finds its way deep into your soul with its moody vibes and captivating grooves. Top notch guitars and a beautiful warm bassline deliver the goods alongside a wonderfully constructed drum section that provides a solid rhythmic flow. Excellent stuff that will keep those loungy evening interesting.

Raw Axe & Melanie Houston - Night Search intros with a cool downtempo, slow drum beat that is broken up with expert precision to deliver maximum rhythmic goodness. Warm synths and pads fill the spectrum and bring a little melancholy into the sound as a fantastic bassline sits perfectly in the mix. The synths get a cosmic makeover and bring a very cool textured layer to the sound making this a top notch slice of chilled out goodness.