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Vinyl -   30/3/2018
Digital - 27/5/2018







This is Rico Casazza’s debut on the label.


Rico left his home country of Italy when he was nineteen years old. He came to London and found himself immersed in the then powerful minimal scene. That was the early 2000’s, since then he has released under Raw Axe, Bonasforsa, Zerodays, Tales of Sleepless Men as well as the above name. He has notched up an impressive 18 EP’s as well as four full LP’s in that time, mostly in the house/techno/electronica arena but with a few forays into trip hop and ambient. Again, a delve into Rico’s varied back catalogue comes highly recommended from me!


On remix duty we have the imitable Kirk Degiorgio, a man who needs little introduction, he has been releasing since 92’ and founded the ART label. Aubrey, another staple of our scene, recorded his first cut in 1990 and went on to start Solid Groove and Cheap Knob Gags amongst others. No shortage of skill, experience and expertise on the remixes then!


To the music, the original mix starts with a four/four reminiscent of a dirty acid track by paranoid London, sweeping, layering textures move in, around and over the beat, percussion builds, more layers come. This builds and drops in an understated way, a way that knows how to keep a groove and build intensity subtly.


The Kirk Degiorgio mix starts with incessant hats, a bouncing loop and sweeping noises in the background that sounds like aliens talking to one another. A stabbing bass sound comes in before the rolling sub bass kicks in. This is rolling, intelligent, driving, dancefloor techno at its finest. Programmed to perfection.


The Aubery mix brings a different flavour, a dirty sounding locomotive loop kicks thing off, before elements from the original layer back over in looped up madness. This is a proper groover, with


some awesome abstract weird moments in it. Proper dancefloor killer material and probably just makes it as my fave cut from this high quality EP.