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          Casazza & poli  know each other for many years, a friendship dating back in 2002, where Rico just               arrived in London and discovered the world of electronic music.
          House & Techno were his favourite styles back then,  also at the time the Techouse was the genre             of the moment,  a pure British breed genre.


          It is in that environment that one evening Rico enter the studio of Daniel Poli & Philippos Nikiforakis             who at the time were forging a legendary EP under the name of DAP,  that evening he changed the               way of seeing electronic music for the first time, and after several years of distance he finds Daniel           again, and together they went into the studio to write an album dedicated to those times.


         Raindrops is a collaborative album that comes under the category of the respective House and                  Techouse, but with Rico's presence at the controls, you can hear his signature sound design and a            certain 'minimal' sound, The main track "Raindrops" It's a techno train, "Soul Dance" is more hypnotic          where it enters a soulful mantra, but as far as remixing is concerned, “Sounds of the Suburb” does a          classwork take of "Raindrops" bringing it to a different level of sonority.