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Tales from The Sleepless Men





Rico collaborated with Gabbi Lopez on the side A. Lopez has been DJing since 1995 in Portugal, attaining his first techno residency at at “X-Tema” in northern Portugal. Likewise Lopez moved to London in the ‘90s, DJing regularly and has worked with London mainstay Terry Francis as well as Tyler Stadius.

“Dallas D-346” is a tech-house workout that steers listeners through a wind tunnel filled with pulsating beats, metallic grooves and slinking percussion. Careening tension and movement emerges via a non-stop barrage of psychedelic samples and added industrial noise. This one is for fans of Richie Hawtin old and new as well as the tech-house coming out of Italy and Spain. 

On the flip side, “Sky Visions” makes a dub inspired, minimal techno offering that will be a favorite for fans of dark, twisted and hypnotic dance music. Echoing vocal passes make things extra tripped out while rhythmic sub-bass congeals all the abounding clicks, clacks and tones. Atmospheric bells and beautiful chords add a space-y, Kraftwerk or Hot Chip “intelligent techno” feel to “Sky Vision.”