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Transcendental Business





          Rico Casazza debut album for Plastic City, the Londoner gives us a high quality album that ranges             from electro, minimal techno and trip-hop,a producer well known for his eclecticism and different a             and various style of music writing.


          The main track of the album, “Transcendental Business"  it’s an usual of Rico: A very deep journey,             where it starts from one place and ends in another place during its long journey.

          “Lesson 1” is one of those tracks that you do not understand what genre could be, a mix of various             styles that create it’s own,  the track in itself 'has techno emotional sounds, but also has an electro           rhythmic foundation.

          “Lust” is a solid Trip-Hop imprint, very emotional and very sensual, as the title says.

          “Wavy” and “Ambiency” instead wandering about the minimal techno & dub techno style, there is                 nothing to say, this debut album of rico casazza for Plastic City is truly a transcendental journey               as the album title says.